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Distilled in the famous Crumlin Road Jail, McConnell’s is renewing Belfast’s whiskey heritage with its first premium blend, aged for a minimum of five years.

Inside the Crum

Crumlin Road Jail's iconic A-Wing is the setting for this new, independent distillery. By transforming the jail, the Belfast Distillery Company is helping to put Belfast back on the map.


Maturing for a minimum of five years in the finest American Oak casks, McConnell's Irish Whiskey uses only outstanding ingredients to produce a premium blend with a full fruit nose and elegant spice and chocolate taste.


McConnell’s Irish Whiskey established in 1776


Housed in the famous Crumlin Road Jail in Belfast


The largest independently owned distillery in Northern Ireland

Irish Pride

Distilled, Matured and Bottled in Ireland


Taste the spirit of Belfast

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Truly Irish

McConnell’s Irish Whiskey is a premium blended whiskey, distilled, matured and bottled in Ireland.

Produced from reserved mature stock, this premium blend is aged for a minimum of five years in the finest American Oak casks. Its golden straw appearance is reminiscent of the golden fields which provided the outstanding grain and malt. There is an unmistakable Oloroso Sherry aroma to the full fruit nose and a beautiful, full-bodied mouthfeel with elegant spice and chocolate. Finally, the finish is velvety with lingering spice.

Years since whiskey was produced in Belfast

Years since the founding of the McConnell's brand

Litre pot stills

Litre annual production capacity


The famous jail now home to Belfast’s only whiskey distillery

As first distillery in the city in 85 years, the Belfast Distillery Company is leading the renaissance of Belfast’s whiskey heritage. It is the largest independently owned distillery in Northern Ireland, distilling high quality malt whiskey in the heart of this resurgent city.
The distillery itself is located in a historic Belfast landmark; the Crumlin Road Jail, occupying the infamous A-Wing. A setting well suited to a company which seeks to build on Belfast’s great whiskey making tradition, breathing new life into renowned former brand; McConnell’s, which was founded in Belfast in 1776, not far from its new home.
Under the mantle of the McConnell’s brand the distillery will ultimately produce a range of single malts and a unique Irish poteen alongside its premium blends.